With over 2 million miles flown, 48 states and 50+ countries visited, I want to share what I've learned in order to help make your travels better.

I created The Smart Travel Guide to provide those of us over 50 with tips and tricks for traveling well in the second half of life.

Here, you'll find everything from how to pack in just a carry-on bag (don't worry ... you'll still be showing some style!) to the latest in travel tech to help make your travels easier.

I'll share tips for new travelers and travel hacks for those more experienced.

Have special needs? No worries. You'll find information about getting through airports easily with medical equipment, how to book accessible accommodations, and more.

Hi there!

I'm Peggy and I'm here to make travel at 50 and beyond not just possible, but unforgettable.

I've always loved travel and adventure. When I was a kid in SoCal, Mom and Dad would pack up the car, and we'd go off exploring on the weekends.

As an adult, I traveled a LOT for business, sometimes being away for the better part of three months. (Talk about a packing list for that one! Definitely not carry-on.) And before we retired, hubby Malcolm and I would take off for 3-5 weeks every year to go someplace exotic.  

My story

All was well until one day . . .

Picture this: I was the prime of my 50s, attempting a feat of airplane gymnastics – hoisting my carry-on into the overhead bin. Spoiler alert: It didn't go as planned.

There I was, suitcase dangling mid-air, a mix of surprise and horror on my face. A young, hulk of a guy nearby offered a hand, but no way! My pride had other plans and I continued to wrestled the dang thing into place.

Fast forward a bit, and you'll find me hitting the gym now, not just to banish the memory of that awkward moment, but to wrestle back some of the muscle tone that decided to go on vacation while I was busy lounging around playing couch potato.

I'm now reasonably fit for my age, but due to various issues from time to time, I've traveled in wheelchairs or with crutches, canes, medical supplies, etc. So, I know what it can be like to navigate transportation and accommodation when you're feeling a bit less-than.

Aging is like a sneaky cat; it pounces on you when you least expect it. But does that mean we put way our passports and take up permanent residence on our couches? No way! It just means we get a bit smarter about how we travel.

And that, my friend, is why I'm here. 

I created The Smart Travel Guide to share some lessons from my travels and to set up a way for us to share travel tips with each other so that we can keep exploring this fabulous world as long as we can and do it with panache. Think comfort, style, and, of course, safety.

Starting businesses
(mine or or helping others)

Working on my
inner peace

Meeting people from other cultures

Plant-based meals

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


Now volunteering in my community and having a blast providing YOU with great travel tips.


Started biz #2, making and selling reusable shopping bags.


Sold biz #3 and immediately escaped to Turkey for a month.


Married the love of my life, Malcolm, and ventured out on a train trip from Singapore to Myanmar.


Rang in the decade in Brazil, my 20th country visited.


Started my first biz helping professionals market their services.


Started biz #3 helping companies improve sales and customer satisfaction.


Got an MBA and immediately left to crew on a yacht.

My Timeline

... or how I got here


Toured NZ and explored the beautiful Pacific Islands.

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