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Whether you’re going on a hiking trip, walking on cobblestone streets, or just need a little help with balance, trekking poles (aka hiking poles or walking poles) can become a great friend on your travel journeys. The trick is how to bring your trekking poles on the plane. Trekking poles started making their way into […]

How to Bring Your Trekking Poles on the Plane

A man and woman out for a walk using trekking poles.

Gear & gadgets

Welcome, my friends! If you’re one who tends to overpack, or if you’re trying to reach the status of COO pro (carry-on only), then this post on how to build the perfect travel capsule wardrobe will become one of your favorites. If you put the tips here into practice, you will be the happiest traveler […]

How to Build the Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Small travel capsule wardrobe in beige on hangars.

Travel clothes

Navigating airport security checkpoints can feel like a daunting journey, especially if you’re pressed for time and rushing to catch a flight. The long security lines, stringent regulations, and the nagging worry of whether you’ll make it through in time can create a perfect storm of stress. But wait! You’re on vacation. You don’t want […]

Easy Tips to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Woman waiting in line for airport security


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