Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Like to Travel


April 25, 2024

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Travel clothes

Mother's Day is around the corner, and it's time to think about gifts for moms who like to travel. This might be your mother, your daughter, someone who's been like a mother to you, or hey...are you a mom? Then, yep! Gifts for you, too. 🎁

Here's your Mother's Day Gift Guide with some of the best gifts for a traveling mom—all vetted by me because I use them personally or by my traveling friends. I've tried to include ideas for every budget, with costs ranging from $12 to $275—so there's hopefully something for everyone on your list.

Have a look. If there's anything else you'd recommend for a travel-loving mom, let me know in the comments below, and I'll include it in the Christmas gift roundup or one of our weekly newsletters.

Solid toiletry samples for Mother's Day

Solid Toiletries From Ethique

A perfect way to lighten luggage, provide extra space in 3-1-1 bags, and avoid messy spills is to pack solid toiletries. And who wouldn’t like a sampler set of lovely heart-shaped bars to try? These sampler packs from Ethique are a fantastic way for Mom to find her favorite scent. Each mini heart lasts up to 10 uses, so they’re also perfect to take for short trips.

Fold-up bag for Mother's Day

Fold-up Bag From Paravel

This lovely fold-up bag is the perfect gift for a travel lover who likes to shop while traveling. She can take it empty and bring it home full. It’s also great for moms who just need a weekender, carry-on bag, or tote bag that can be easily stored in a small space. It fits 3-5 days' worth of clothes and 1-2 pairs of shoes, comes in 6 colors, and is made of 22 recycled plastic bottles. Who doesn’t feel good about that?

Compression Socks for Travel

Wellow Compression Socks

I started wearing compression socks on the plane after a friend in her early 50s got a blood clot after a long-haul flight. Wellow socks have moderate compression (18-25 mmHG) and come in some fun colors and patterns, as well as nude if you're just not that into making a fashion statement with your socks. 🧦 They also have socks for women with wide calves.

In addition to lowering the risk of blood clots, I wear compression socks to help reduce fatigue when I'm on my feet sightseeing all day. Of course, anyone with a major illness should see their doctor for guidance.

Magazine Subscription for Mother's Day

Subscription to AFAR Magazine

My friend, Monica, gave me a subscription to AFAR when it first came out, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. It's one of the best Mother's Day gifts for someone who has a love of travel and wants to learn more about new places. AFAR not only provides inspiration for where to go but also provides in-depth guidance on off-the-beaten-path locales to check out.

Zilker Shoes for Traveling

Suavs Zilkers

Zilkers are my go-to travel shoes, and I have several pairs. Why? They’re breathable, comfy, flatten for travel, and you can toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty. I find them comfy for walking long distances, but I've also used them with inserts, and they still fit nicely. They come in a range of colors.

US National Parks Pass

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

Many people travel to see and appreciate the beauty in the world. But I'll tell you that after visiting close to 50 countries, it’s hard to find anywhere with the diversity of beauty we have in the United States.

With a National Parks Pass, the mom on your list can enjoy 12 months of exploring over 2,000 stunning landscapes. It's a great Mother's Day gift, and not one she'll expect. Is there a national park near her? I think I hear a road trip! 🏞️🚗🌲

Travel Kit for Tech Gadgets

Bellroy Tech Kit

If the mom in your life is a techie, she’ll love this snazzy tech kit by Bellroy. It keeps cords from tangling, and it's the right size for travel, which makes it one of the most useful items for travel. Because it has a place for everything, it's easy to notice if something is left behind in the hotel. Made from recycled woven fabric, it comes in 9 different colors.

FinalPress Coffee Brewer for Travel

FinalPress Coffee & Tea Brewer

OK...I admit I haven’t been able to get my hands on this Kickstarter launch by FinalPress yet, but I've been watching them with great interest. A coffee-loving mom who loves to travel says it makes a good cup of coffee ☕️ and the reviews are also really good, so that's why I'm going out on a limb and recommending it. The one important negative mentioned was that the filter needs to be protected in luggage, so if you give this as a gift, be sure to mention that.

Cork globe to record travels

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

This globe is so cute. It makes a great gift and is a fun way for the mom in your life to keep track of her travels or plot new ones. The globe only comes with 5 pushpins, so if you're giving this to a frequent traveler, you might want to add some additional pins.

Crossbody phone case for travel

Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case

I’ve used a Bandolier phone case when traveling for years. That way, my phone is always handy if I want to take a photo, and I don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water when I reach out of the boat or over a bridge to snap a photo.

And I love that there’s room for a credit card, ID, and a folded bill in the snap pocket on the back.

Bandolier has all sorts of styles and add-ons, but I prefer a simple one like this so I’m not attracting attention.

Travel Journal gift for Mom's who like to travel

Duncan & Stone Travel Journal

This is one of the most thoughtful gifts for the type of traveler who likes to journal and record their favorite trips and travel memories. This lovely hardcover travel journal has space to keep track of 15 adventures. It has thought-provoking prompts, lots of room to write, and a space for photos. A pocket provides a place to keep mementos. It comes in 3 different colors.

Lightweight suitcase for travel

The Carry-On by Away

Airlines are getting more strict about the weight of carry-on bags, and a good, lightweight carry-on is one of today's travel essentials. Weighing in at only 7.5 lb., this carry-on provides plenty of space for clothes for a short trip or a longer one for people who pack light. It's the perfect size to fit in the overhead, and it’s easy to lift, too. That’s a big plus for those of us 50+.

Passport holder with neckstrap

Passport Holder With Neck Strap

One of the most practical gifts is a simple passport holder with a neck strap. After long-haul flights, most people aren’t thinking as clearly as they might otherwise be. A passport holder with a neckstrap means Mom will have peace of mind knowing where her passport and other important travel documents are. Available in 8 colors.


I hope you've enjoyed this curated collection of Mother's Day gifts and that it's helped spark ideas. While gifts like these or even more luxurious gifts are always lovely, I think the perfect present for Mother's Day is spending time with the mothers in our lives and telling them how much we appreciate them.

What do you think? Please leave your ideas for gifts for traveling moms in the comments below.

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Three Moms Who Like to Travel

  1. Sandi Sigurdson says:

    Love these ideas for travel. Especially wearing compression socks to reduce walking fatigue. Here’s another idea for travelers on insulin or who take drugs like Ozempic. It even has a feature where you register and can be returned if lost.

  2. Peggy Carlaw says:

    Thanks for this great tip, Sandi. It’s super helpful for people who need to keep their meds cool while traveling.

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